Sorona Naturals Collection







The latest innovation in carpet tiles and planks, the Sorona Naturals Collection brings a unique solution combining sustainability, effortless cleaning and extra heavy duty performance.

Created with Sorona®, a renewably sourced biopolymer made from 37% plant based materials, this collection is designed for creating beautiful, healthy and high performance spaces.The unique Sorona® biopolymer is also inherently impervious to liquids. This built-in stain resistance feature does not wear or wash off and prevents spills from penetrating fibres and turning into stains.


Exploring the timeless and uninterrupted alluvial lines of Earth’s crust, Terrene provides a natural grounding for any space and delivers a solid foundation, stylish dimension and terrestrial harmony.

Inspired by life’s ever-changing backdrop – our atmosphere provides the cradle for all things natural to thrive. An elegant yet visually arresting carpet tile, delivering a pure and invigorating energy to any commercial interior.

Influenced by the perfect geometry yet random design of the nautilus shell. The Nautilus plank delivers a soothing, calm and serene repeat, reflective of the mysterious coils and wave like crest of the shell’s interior.

Renewably Sourced

The highly innovative and renewably sourced biopolymer, Sorona®, developed by DuPont, is designed for creating beautiful, healthy and high performance spaces.Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant-based ingredients. Producing Sorona® uses 30% less energy and releases 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of nylon 6. Compared to nylon 6,6 Sorona® production uses 40% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56%.This contributes to Godfrey Hirst’s goal of minimising or eliminating all adverse impacts our activities and products may have on the environment.

Effortless Cleaning for Life
Reduce time and cost by simply cleaning the most stubborn commercial spills with just cold water. The science behind this unique biopolymer lies within the molecular structure, which is inherently impervious to liquids. This prevents spills from penetrating fibres and turning into stains. Unlike traditional topical treatments, Sorona® ‘for life’ technology does not wear or wash off over time.Sorona® absorbs 16 times less moisture than nylon 6,6 fibre, providing excellent anti-microbial properties and faster cleaning and drying times, making the Naturals Collection suitable for all commercial applications, including health and aged care facilities.
^Acid, oil or wax based spills may require professional hot water extraction

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