crowdDJ® drives dwell times

After 6 months in the market, early adopters are starting to benefit in real revenue terms from their decision to get in early on Spotify crowdDJ®. In a challenging environment, operators are always on the lookout for solutions that offer meaningful out of home experiences that lead to increased dwell time, positive word of mouth, increased loyalty and repeat business.

Luke Donaldson of South Australia’s respected Jones Hotel Group says they ran some early trials as part of a re-development they had underway in one of their venues. “We were working on an overhaul of a venue and saw this as a good addition to the entertainment offering there,” Donaldson says. “We saw first-hand the enjoyment factor crowdDJ® brought to our patrons, and more importantly the impact this had on bar revenue as people stay on for a few more rounds… we are now in the process of rolling out the concept to the other venues in our portfolio”.

The Royal George, part of the Merivale Group’s Ivy complex in George Street, Sydney has seen a similar positive outcome. “Our patrons really enjoy having something to interact with… ,” says Antony Jones, Director of Hotels. “Once a group of customers realise they can get involved with choosing songs they have even more reason to stay longer.”

Long-time Queensland Hotelier, Chris Condon says he has seen an increase in dwell time at his pub in Fortitude Valley, the Queens Arms. “We installed crowdDJ® as part of the opening of our new underground bar, Farrier. It’s been a great option for keeping patrons in the bar particularly later on in the evening… I’ve had nothing but rave reviews from our team about take-up with our patrons” says Condon.

The ALH group have also seen increased dwell times amongst groups of patrons. South Australian State Manager Andrew Gunn installed crowdDJ® as part of the recently re-opened Gepps Cross Hotel, now a Coopers Alehouse. Gunn recognises that crowdDJ® has a social aspect to it. “It’s not just individuals picking songs, we’re seeing groups of people picking songs, as well as listening to and enjoying their mates’ selections.”

crowdDJ® is also driving business outcomes in the fitness industry, with a clear link to member retention through the increased loyalty that flows from having a great experience in the gym.

Operations Manager and part owner of multiple Snap franchises, Martin Truman took on crowdDJ® as soon as it was released and says the platform is now a vital part of their member engagement strategy. “The interactivity of crowdDJ® is a real gift to our members.” Truman says. “We know that a lot of people use Spotify to keep a personal list of the tracks that keep them motivated during a workout. It’s awesome to be able to have our members pick from their favourites using crowdDJ®… without having headphones getting in the way!”