Kindle Living at QT Melbourne

Kindle Living Australia has provided Melbourne’s best roof top bar with four of its Black Allison Heaters.

Our range of heating lamps have always proved popular with our customers and our Allison range is proving to be a huge success as well. We pride ourselves is supplying our customers with our uniquely designed high quality heaters and The QT Melbourne has just become one of our many happy customers.

The Allison Outdoor Heaters are perfect for the QT’s Hotels especially their Melbourne Hotel, the outdoor heaters are stylish and provide the perfect amount of heat to keep both visitors and hotel guests warms on those cooler nights.

The durable heaters are handcrafted with recycled materials and are easy to assemble. The patio heaters are lightweight and easy to maintain.

We’ve paid extra attention to the function and design of the heaters, the shade means that heat will be focused downwards instead of dissipating into the atmosphere; this is what sets the Allison Outdoor Heater apart from other luxury heaters on the market.

The Allison Outdoor Heaters have been received well by all at the QT Melbourne. Alex Mouzos is the Food and Beverage Director at the hotel and he has come out to say that he loves the heater and he feels that the heaters make the roof top bar look amazing.

Kindle Living