Nightlife Turntablet

From simple volume changes to entertaining a crowd at Suncorp Stadium (yep, we’ve done that!) the Turntablet™ is an extremely powerful and useful tool for your business.

The benefits of a Turntablet™
It’s the ultimate in venue management – whether you’re using it to adjust songs on the fly or running it as a frontline entertainment platform for a major event. Here’s why a Turntablet™ is a great addition to your set up:

Efficiency > It runs Manage My Nightlife but unlike the mobile app, your Turntablet™ is always set up and ready to use. You could dig your phone out or you could just walk straight up to your Turntablet™ and get it done. There’s also no distractions or notifications to check.
Professionalism > Seeing staff on the Turntablet™ looks more professional and approachable to your customers/members.
Engagement > Staff love to be involved. We’ve found that most of the time, staff enjoy the music that plays in the business where they work. In fact the music might even have been something that attracted them to working with you. With a little training, they can help ensure the atmosphere in your business is always spot on and engage your customers in the process.

Empower staff through training
When managers empower staff with a knowledge of the atmosphere they’re trying to create it gets everyone pulling in the same direction. And while with great power comes great responsibility, there’s no need to fear the Turntablet™.

Training > All it takes is a bit of knowledge and education to get right – just like your POS or the lighting. You wouldn’t let a new staff member loose on your till without training, right? Same with your music.
Control > Similar to user permissions for the Manage My Nightlife mobile app, we can help you implement appropriate control measures for your Turntablet™ – giving you peace of mind.

“The Nightlife Turntablet is a touch point for a number of staff here at Regatta Hotel. We use it every day to make adjustments to the music based on the demographic and crowd numbers. For example after dinner service on a Friday we might increase the volume and change the playlist to something more upbeat. It’s really efficient and makes managing the atmosphere easy.” Daniel Coleman | Duty Manager, Regatta Hotel