LightCo at Terminus Hotel Pyrmont






Terminus Hotel Pyrmont reopens 30 years after calling “last drinks!”

The 155 year old Terminus Hotel is one of Sydney’s oldest pubs. After a major refurb taking two years and costing $2 mil, it has been totally reborn as a bar, a restaurant and a nine-room hotel.

Luchetti Krelle were given the challenging task of redesigning the space. Their brief was to conserve and restore the building back to its original state and to create a dynamic hospitality environment that catered to locals, travelers and Sydneysiders alike. They took their inspiration from the building’s unique Victorian and Federation period architecture as well as the layered social history of the pub and its surrounds.

The impact of lighting in the space was critical and the majority of the light fittings were customized. The designers added handcrafted techniques for a period feel. The lighting design drew references from two things: the original interiors as well as elements from the old tramcars that used to terminate at the site – hence the hotel’s name! The result is a contemporary look, complimenting the heritage of the building.

In the main bar adjustable lights were installed allowing a change of atmosphere in the space during different hours of the day. But the main focal points are the feature pendants suspended from the heritage ceilings above the original stairs.

Luchetti Krelle say of working with LightCo, “LightCo was extremely instrumental in achieving the desired ambience of the final product. Their ability to customize many of the light fittings added a hand-crafted and bespoke layer to the space and greatly complimented the heritage fabric. The customization process was also very enjoyable working with their helpful commercial sales reps.”

Photos by: Michael Wee Photography