Introducing the crowdDJ Media Player

A commercial business venture needs a commercial grade music solution. This is why Nightlife Music has dedicated 28 years to product development and continues to invest in new technologies.

crowdDJ® hit the market in 2016 and made waves across the hospitality, fitness and retail sector, engaging consumers and capitalizing on their love of music. The crowdDJ® Media Player and our cloud-based server infrastructure provides the link between the consumer and a venue as well as the rock solid performance required for commercial environments.

At home it might be OK to have a movie or music track not play properly when watching Netflix or listening on Spotify. But these consumer services using consumer devices like smartphones or AppleTV are not suited to the mission critical demands of a media player in a commercial venue.

Enter the crowdDJ® Media Player.

Venue operators and consumers can use the crowdDJ® App to connect to our live servers via Wi-Fi or 3/4G and select songs in real-time. The crowdDJ® Media Player is also connected to our live servers, however the content is stored and plays locally in the venue from hard drives rather than streaming. This means you can count on continuous, high quality audio, regardless of internet drop outs. Our licensing also ensures artists are paid properly for their work when the crowdDJ® media player is used in a venue.

Other benefits of the latest crowdDJ® Media Player include:

Slimline form factor
Rapidly scalable commercial grade hardware
Full integration with Spotify – because we know you love building playlists
Remote content scheduling
Cue pointed gapless playback and remastered audio to make your Spotify sound better
Integrated Visuals and a range of interactive kiosks