Project Team

architectural structure: D103
overall concept + interior:
Wilson & Associate (Singapore)
room design:
PIA (P Interior and Associates Company)
Bamboo Chic + Atelier:
Orbit design studio

The hotel industry of today is more competitive than ever before. In a tough economy time like this, hotels have to compete with one another to stay in the best locations, have superb interior designs, and offer the best hospitality services for customers. Also, they need to employ and provide various IT technologies for customers who love the modern lifestyle.

Back in 1972, the first Le Méridien hotel was established in Paris, France; and now it has 115 branches in all over the world. In 2005, Le Méridien was acquired and merged as one of the hotel in Starwood alliances, which contains nine internationally renowned hotel brands.

To differentiate itself among its competitors, Le Méridien management was looking for something to broaden the appeal of the hotel. They decided to accentuate the characteristic of being a true European hotel, with new experience and lifestyles for customers.

Le Méridien has reinvented itself from the outside in. The brand now positions itself as a cultural hub with an emphasis on art, design, fashion, and cuisine; it has also shed 30+ properties that didn’t fit this new image.

There is no better example of Le Méridien’s branding efforts than its flagship property in Asia: Le Méridien Bangkok, a stylish and sophisticated hotel with 282 guestrooms on 24 floors of brilliant artistic design.

Le Méridien Bangkok is located right in the city on Suriwong Road where two extreme life-styles meet. The architectural design allows the contrast of Bangkok scenes to be the interesting aspect by having the 300 rooms designed with one side facing the night life of “Pat Pong” and the other facing the Thai-cultural scenery of “Hua Lum Pong Temple”. The hotel intends to provide not just a secure and convenience accommodation as a five-star hotel but the “experience” that has been exquisitely designed in every detail bringing forth the creativity especially for the customers.

The entrance is designed as a frame work to reflect the hotel’s characteristic, achieved by covering clear glass with selected photographs from professional photographers. The pictures change according to the living trend adding gimmicks to public view. The spacious area of 40-meter high lobby entrance, fully furnished with selected furniture, provides a truly relaxing atmosphere that enriches the visitor’s experience. On the upper floor is the area for restaurants of which the tropical color scheme has added a characteristically delightful detail. By contrast, the upper floor has been designed to create calm atmosphere for spa area by using neutral-color river stone embedded on the curve wall. These elements of the interior always impress people who see it for the first time.

The overall concept of Le Méridien Bangkok was designed by Wilson and Associates. The overall feeling is contemporary and modern with a touch of sophistication.

The hotel carries a unique identity that shines sharply as you walk through the lobby and witness the “Man with Poodle” by artist Ralph Gibson. This two-story work of glass art is vividly accentuated by daytime lighting and softly illuminated by the glowing neon of the nighttime streets.

Forward-looking, sophisticated, warm and original, Le Méridien’s distinct design approach is inspired by heritage elements and by the ever-changing modern design world. Le Méridien creatively and thoughtfully juxtaposes both old and new in every hotel.

Le Méridien incorporates curated contemporary art into high impact zones, like the public spaces and guest rooms that vary from destination to destination. Contemporary art can be a cost effective method to bring the atmosphere to life when used in surprising and unexpected ways. Whether it’s a thoughtfully placed wall or window art application, video art or soundscapes in the elevators, art is used as an experiential element, setting the brand apart from the aesthetic of traditional hotel décor.

The lobby area, “The Hub,” conveys a creative atmosphere that fosters dialogue and exchange. With unique seating arrangements that become spaces to socialize, contemplate or engage, The Hub features curated contemporary art guided by Le Méridien’s cultural curator and LM 100 members – Le Méridien’s community of cultural innovators – which inspires local creative minds and guests alike.

Upon arrival, guests receive a limited edition room keycard designed exclusively by an LM100™ artist as part of the Unlock Art™ Programme. The programme encourages guests to explore the culture of each destination by providing complimentary access to leading art institutions and contemporary cultural centers in each destination.

The hotel’s bar and restaurant Bamboo Chic features a combination of moody lighting amidst a colour scheme of luminous green and yellow sets the scene for Bangkok’s hip set. It was conceptualised by Orbit Design, the firm responsible for the renowned nightspot, the Bed Supperclub.