Feltex at MACq 01 hotel

Overlooking the Derwent River and stunning Mount Wellington, the MACq 01 hotel stands proudly in white cypress and vast glass paneling, reflecting Hobart’s incandescent waterfront.

The long corridors of the MACq 01 feature a striking design, captured masterfully in the custom woven axminster carpet by Feltex. Whilst meeting the high quality, hard wearing requirements of a heavy traffic area, the carpet design also adhered to a discerning floorcovering brief with the inviting charcoal base providing the perfect platform for the sparkling gold highlight darting down each corridor.

Adding to the corridors of this rich cultural design, Feltex carpet also appears in each guestroom, with our Cable Bay cut pile twist added to bring warmth and comfort to the space. Paying homage to the hotel’s rich history, each room was themed using infamous figures from Tasmania’s past. Amongst them, convicts, crooks and captains are reflected inside the rooms making each one a unique and immersive experience.

Venturing outside of the hotel, the Landscape restaurant and grill provides a premium dining experience for guests. It is here you will find another custom woven floorcovering to complement the warm sophisticated space.

Reflecting on Tasmania’s rich history the Macq 01 hotel delivers a meaningful experience to guests and the wider Hobart community.

Project: MACq 01 Hotel, Hobart
Product: Custom Woven Axminster & Cable Bay in Pelorus
Design: Pike Withers
Photography: Andrew Wilson Photography
Carpet Installation: Giffards Floorworld