Lighting up the façades of Pacific Fair

Pacific Fair, the iconic shopping centre positioned in the popular tourist area of Broadbeach in the heart of the Gold Coast, has recently undergone a major redevelopment and re-branding, resulting in a world-class shopping and lifestyle experience destination for both locals and the 12+ million visitors who choose the Gold Coast as their holiday destination each year.

With its prime location on the Gold Coast Highway and nestled between some of the most desired real estate on the coast, it was one of the main objectives of the redevelopment to make the retail precinct visually prominent from both land and air.

TDLD were engaged to design various elements of the lighting in the new look centre including upgrading the exterior lighting for the eastern façade which runs parallel to the busy Gold Coast highway, with the intent to bring the same high end modern make over delivered inside the mall to the outside.

High powered LED lighting was a natural choice for TDLD, its long life, high output and energy efficiency making it the perfect match for illuminating a 21st century facility. The aim was to use the existing lighting mounting infrastructure and replace the old metal halide floods with a more modern, suitable high-powered LED fixtures. The Anolis ArcSource 96 Integral RGBW LED floods were chosen as a suitable fixture for the project.

The Anolis ArcSource 96 Integral fixtures feature 96 high bright rebel LEDs, providing superior light output previously unavailable in the LED fixture of this size. The latest technology electronics ensure stable white balance is achieved while maintaining a minimum life expectancy in excess of 75,000 hours. Housed also in the compact IP67 rated aluminium body are the control electronics and integral power supply. Control is via DMX/RDM allowing for advanced programming options.

The new lighting system is operating as a cool crisp white colour across the entire eastern façade currently, with the possibility of running saturated full colour lighting schemes and dynamic fades for special events and functions occurring throughout the retail hub and Gold Coast Community. The system runs 7days a week and is integrated to operate seamlessly via the Venues Building management system.

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