Project Team

design: Brand+Slater
builder: Rohrig Constructions


furniture: BSeated Global
lights: Fossil Vintage
wallpaper: Fusion Agencies
specialty wall finishes: Porter Paints

Working with the existing interior framework of the Irish theme, Brand+Slater de-cluttered and stripped the space back to the raw shell.

They retained a small part of the pass and added in a  rustic, industrial vintage atmosphere by use of original Czech republic warehouse lights, timber lamp shades hanging upside down against the front windows, recycled doors from a local demolition yard and some special applied paint finish to the walls.

To compliment further they have used some period wallpaper to help soften the interior and steel mesh feature boxes as the back bar display. Some faux plants and left over memorabilia was also utilised to enrich this theme further.

The venue now is a thriving craft beer bar which is the new local in Toowoomba.

Stacey Garcia Speakeasy

Speakeasy marks the continuation of Brintons collaboration with award winning American hospitality designer Stacy Garcia. Speakeasy is inspired by the roaring twenties which were characterized by decorative elegance, refined glamour and an undercurrent of fun.