Project Team

design: We are Huntly


metal finish: That Metal Company
tiles: Bespoke, Signorino, Classic Ceramics
wall covering: Bolon
upholstery: Warwick, Kvadrat Maharam

At the base of the new Australian Tax Office building, The Penny Drop Café concept was designed in collaboration with Pop & Pac, playing on the concept of the ‘penny dropping’ from the pockets of the ATO office above.

The interior planning was a direct response to the concept of the ‘penny dropping’ The curved form of the bar was influenced by this idea and the seating layout that surrounds it echoes the ‘ripple effect’ The idea that the café would have this effect on Box Hill and it’s residence. The bar became the core and hero of the space, it was a tool to catch the attention of the people driving past, a memorable form and something iconic to Box Hill.

The existing site was a 350sq meter empty shell, there was a lot of work to do in regards to relocation and implementation of services and working with the concrete slab which we needed to chase into to make the planning work.

We wanted to create a warm and ambient space, something that was unexpected and a destination.
We dropped the ceiling height to create a more intimate space and tried to create a combination of seating zones that would cater for individuals as well as larger groups. The screen was used as a device to create a zoned dining space. The exact placement of the timber arch aligns with the two tone bolon circle on the back wall.

The atkar ceiling was painted pink to create playful undertones, the textured and perforated panels were also a play on the penny’s dropping from above.

Art deco light fittings and textured surfaces create a friendly and inviting space to start your day, and the large, curved bar makes for a cool place to wait for your morning coffee.

Copper Trim

That Metal Company supplied the copper trims and skirtings for the Penny Drop Cafe fit out. The copper was from the 900 series and featured our #906 brushed finish. That Metal Company regularly work with interior designers to supply metal for trims, walls, signage, table tops and ceilings.

That Metal Company