Project Team

Design: 2RKS Architecture + Design


Carpet: Korda Design
Custom Tables:
2RKS Architects
Custom Table Fabrication:
NSW Joinery
Belmondo Tiles
Chairs and Stools:
Wall Fabrics:
South Pacific Fabrics


Photography: Alex Donnini 

The iconic Bondi Icebergs Club shall remain buoyant moving towards its 100th year with the new refurbishment it has just completed.  “

Designed and project managed by Sydney based 2RKS Architecture + Design. Richard Salman, Director or 2RKS Architects says, “Part of the design brief was to create an atmosphere of warmth, invitation and comfort and competing with the best of any Eastern Suburbs venues without the pretense”.

Inspiration for the design of the Bondi Icebergs was drawn from the unique atmosphere and culture Bondi has given Sydney beach-siders and tourists worldwide for decades. Having grown up near a beach community in Long Island, NY, Richard drew experiences with a personal understanding of the beach culture to design for people with an ever-increasing desire for appealing venues with good food and atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family.

According to Kerrie Brien, Secretary Manager at the Icebergs, “We envisage a market ability for the club to advantage themselves as being a premier daytime and night time spot in Bondi- with the design by Richard and his team at 2RKS we really have achieved this”.

Coupled with the ocean breeze and its iconic views, Bondi Icebergs’ fine food and drinks will have the look and feel to match its renowned location. The Bondi Icebergs Club has an ambience that is classy yet informal,fashionable yet beach-going and renewed yet familiar.

The materials that were usedon the interior are a subtle reminder of the beach. Italian tiles machine- cut to strips gives the impression of the timber slats of a boardwalk, pier or esplanade.

“We designed the axminstercarpet to embrace the dapple and colour of the sea at Bondias it reaches the shoreline”says Richard, “That’s why it goes from the darker blues to the sandy tones”.

The view of the shore line from the club is visually as wide as the carpet inside is “We instructed Korda that we wanted the carpet length random and non-repeating to give the impression of the desultory shoreline- which they achieved very well”

The dining tables furniture are custom designed for a variety of functions and dining experiences. The finish is a pearlescent white reminiscent of the shells found clinging to the rock pools below or of a floating iceberg. Imported custom cane dining chairs and stools are the first of its kind in Australia.

Photographs, trophies and memorabilia are proudly displayed in custom joinery cabinets with the colours and textures designed elsewhere in the club.

The biggest challenge turned out to be Richard’s favourite part of the design. Since the function room needs to host many types of events where tables need a multitude of functions and locations, he created and patented an adjustable table where it caters for many event types. The tables are height adjustable and have an invisible fastening system that supports a light weight table top that anyone can lift. It turns a table of 2 to a table for 6 and a table of 6 to a table for 10.