Martin RUSH MH3 for Amplifier Capitol

Frontier Lighting have installed eight Martin RUSH MH3 powerful beam moving head fixtures into Perth’s Amplifier Capitol club, a venue is both a nightclub and a live music destination.

The RUSH MH 3 Beam blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and colour wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer, strobe effect, 8-facet prism and focus.

Every week the lighting rig is redesigned in the venue, keeping the same fixtures but moving their positions. This is where the versatility of the RUSH MH3 is a bonus.

“Not only do they produce an incredibly bright beam, the RUSH MH3 is a very reliable fixture – it’s from Martin so we know we won’t have issues with the fixture,” commented Jt Twible, Frontier’s Production Manager. “Their brightness, colour and speed are remarkable. They really create a visually dyamic atmosphere in the venue.”

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