Cafeideas at Fish & Co

Long-term Cafeideas customer Sajad Akhlaghi knew exactly where to turn when opening his most recent establishment, Fish & Co at the Tramsheds Harold Park. Already familiar with Cafeideas’ product range, customer service standards and convenient location, he made a conscious decision not to shop around but instead to check off his considerable shopping list at the Chippendale showroom.

Looking to save time in preparing the business for launch, Sajad determined that he would procure all the kitchen equipment he needed for Fish & Co from Cafeideas. “We had dealt with Cafeideas in the past for other businesses we owned so we knew they could fulfil our requirements,” Sajad said. “We needed such a wide variety of things that we decided to buy everything from the one place instead of spreading our needs across lots of different places.”

Sajad explained that a couple of items of equipment were not fully functional over the first couple of days but that he had every confidence Cafeideas would be able to rectify the issue without delay. “These were items that had to be set up for our requirements and when we rang Cafeideas, they sent someone to sort them out immediately. They understand we can’t be without our equipment so they wasted no time in making sure we were up and running ASAP.”

Since Fish & Co required a large number of different types of equipment such as fridges, fryers, freezers, displays and shelving, Sajad knew he could count on Cafeideas to supply everything they needed across a wide range of pricing. “They have very inexpensive items right through to the top of the line,” Sajad explained. “Sometimes, based on your requirements, you may not need the top of the line so they’ll happily advise you of that so you don’t over-spend where it’s not necessary. But where you do need something that’ll go the distance, they’ll also tell you that so you get your money’s worth out of a higher quality, more durable product.”

According to Sajad, one of the best features of working with Cafeideas is that he “never feels sold to”. He said the company understands foodservice and listens closely to comprehend how the customer’s business operates. “They give good advice. They give you proper information and tell you about experiences they’ve had with different brands and products. Their advice never seems to be based on commission or promotions. They just find out what you need based on what you sell and your level of usage and advise accordingly.”

One hiccup in the transaction meant that purchases were due to arrive within hours but Sajad had to postpone delivery due to the premises not being quite ready. “I called and apologised but said we just couldn’t take them yet and they were so great to deal with. They do everything without moaning. The delivery was rescheduled, simple as anything.”

Sajad said that as an existing long-term customer of Cafeideas, he is always happy to recommend them to others. “They are like true business partners to us,” he said. “They take an interest in your success. They know that if they give customers good service, it’ll be a long-term relationship.”

From Cafeideas, Fish & Co purchased: Pitco gas fryer, F.E.D. bar prep top, Roband hot bain marie, Eswood glasswasher, Austune freezer, Exquisite under bench chiller. Exquisite under bench freezer, Exquisite cake display cabinet, Coreco bottle cooler, Bromic back bar chiller, Goldstein gas fryer, Goldstein 4 burner gas range, Goldstein gas griddle / toaster, Skope pizza counter chiller, Exquisite stainless steel freezer.