Project Team

design: Studio Y

photography: Brook James


custom wall lights: Ilanel
builder and timber carving artist:
prairie vinyl upholstery from Elitis: Seneca
custom Thor chain link curtain: Chain Craft
lighting scheme: Ambience Lighting
rawline scala carpet design by Ege: RC+D Carpet
hides and fur accessories: Hides of Excellence

Entering through a large hand-carved timber door, past a Viking ship bow overhead one is presented with options – upstairs for the dining hall or downstairs to the drinking hall. To enter upstairs the experience is somewhat Nordic – bleached timber finishes, light concrete render, natural leathers and exposed bricks with only light paint accents. Defined by a floor to ceiling chain curtain imprinted with an Odin motif and an oversized cured meat cutting zone, the space is immersive, detailed and provides a wealth of visual elements to excite diners. Whilst downstairs also provides dining spaces, this area is purely dining focused away from the bar.

Downstairs plays homage to the festive after the feast in a moody, darker, warmer space much like cellar. Bar walls are clad in scale-pattern pressed metal panels whereas bespoke raw steel bi-fold doors provide spatial separation. With the client famous for their large drinks displays, Studio Y took this even further, accommodating a huge array of local and international spirits, drinks fridges and flexible cocktail stations with an old-world feel. Counterpointing the bar is the dining area using natural furs, textured carpets in a curved banquet configuration perfect for groups.

Preferring to respect the original building envelope, its age and materials, blacked-out windows were re-interpreted as shelving and new cage displays, columns and faux-beams tie the new into the old, becoming focal points of the spaces. By subtly creating zones within the venue and flexible partitioning there is the ability for private events as well as public use.

As a final nod to old, many of the furniture items and feature panels are painstakingly hand carved by the talented Ross Grant from M2O – something rarely seen and something truly special about the space.

Custom Wall Lights

Handmade axes and custom wall lights by Ilanel.
Ilanel is a Melbourne based creative studio, whose design objects combine artistic values, aesthetics and quality.