Nightlife’s crowdDJ at Vivid

This June long weekend, CLIPPED: Music Video Festival & Awards, in conjunction with Vivid Ideas, will stage Australia’s first dedicated Music Video Festival; celebrating what is an often overshadowed but critical part of musical culture – the music video.

Held at The Works in Glebe, CLIPPED Music Video Festival includes Clipped Music Video Awards, a CLIPPED Music Video Exhibition and CLIPPED Music Industry Discussion Panels, including an ‘In conversation with CLIPPED’ featuring Nigel Dick (Gun n’ Roses, Oasis, Britney Spears) and David Wilson (Arctic Monkeys, David Guetta, Metronomy, Royal Blood and Tame Impala).

Festival goers will have the opportunity to heighten their CLIPPED experience by exploring curated lists via an interactive touch panel to play their favourite clip, or discover work they may not have experienced before, made possible by crowdDJ®- an interactive entertainment platform from Nightlife Music, Australia’s leading background music provider.

Festival Director Sam Bright says crowdDJ® is an exciting addition to the CLIPPED Music Video Exhibition. “The level of interest we’ve had in the CLIPPED Music Video Awards program has been amazing – and having crowdDJ® bring to the Festival the unique opportunity for audiences to design their own exhibition experience is a world first.” he said.

Maurice Powell, Music Programmer and Project Lead on the Music Video Archival Program at Nightlife Music, agrees. “Music videos have always been used as a test-bed for new, breakthrough techniques in film making. It’s fitting then that this CLIPPED Exhibition…a celebration of innovation really…will introduce a new way of experiencing music videos” says Powell.

Nightlife Music has contributed to the CLIPPED Exhibition by curating an incredible selection of content via distinct ‘Discovery Lists’ of iconic, industry-shaping and critically acclaimed music videos. It includes works by now-renowned film directors who got their start in the industry through music videos, such as David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro. CLIPPED Festival Panellists are also featured front-and-centre, including director Nigel Dick who has produced countless award-winning music videos for global artists including Guns n’ Roses, Cher and Britney Spears.

“Most people are blown away when they discover the scale and depth of Nightlife’s Music Video library,” says Powell. “The product of an archival process spanning 27 years, we’ve got this amazing collection of music videos from across the decades, sourced from all over the world…much of (the content) isn’t even available on YouTube… in the world of music video libraries there’s pretty much Rage and Nightlife”.

“Music videos are works of art…it’s our goal to preserve them as best we can, through remastering and the like, so audiences can enjoy them for years to come”, says Powell.

Finishing the festival with a bang, crowdDJ® will also drive a real-time crowdsourced party after Sunday’s ‘In Conversation with CLIPPED’ panel featuring directors Nigel Dick and David Wilson. Industry reps and festival enthusiasts will be able to use crowdDJ® to request songs for the DJ to play in real time, creating a crowd-sourced set-list for the evening – something that people will be able to take home via crowdDJ®’s Spotify integration.

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