Project Team

design: KW Interiors


carpet: Brintons
lighting: Zaffero, Z Two Lights, Beacon Lighting
furniture: Starwell Furniture
paint: Dulux
wallpaper: Baresque
stone: WK Marble & Granite
fabric: Warwick, Baresque
laminate: Lamicolor, Laminex

Located in the Wollongong region, Illawarra Leagues Club experienced a revamp which has received the big tick of approval by both local patrons and visitors.

The clubs interior entails a coastal influence through the use of contemporary blue hues throughout and if you look closely, the main custom carpet mimics a coral pattern.

The introduction of timber throughout different areas of the club adds warmth to the space.

The beautifully designed reception area makes a great first impression upon entering the club, whilst the outdoor gaming and dining courtyard areas offers patrons a fresh and bright space to relax and enjoy a meal among the vertical gardens.

Stacey Garcia Speakeasy

Speakeasy marks the continuation of Brintons collaboration with award winning American hospitality designer Stacy Garcia. Speakeasy is inspired by the roaring twenties which were characterized by decorative elegance, refined glamour and an undercurrent of fun.