Circuit by Godfrey Hirst

Godfrey Hirst launches Circuit, a commercial carpet tile in the extra heavy duty Titanium Collection. A great pattern for the higher education sector, Circuit comes just in time for Education Week.

Strong blocks of foundation colour give this carpet design a stylish, layered depth. Overlapping thin diagonal and horizontal lines create a repeating, seamless pattern of geometric triangles and squares like computer and electronic circuitry.

The bold and faded lines with tiny flecks of red, orange and blue are produced with precision using Godfrey Hirst’s unique Designer Jet technology.

Like all Titanium Collection carpets. Circuit commercial carpet tiles are independently graded by the Carpet Institute of Australia as Commercial Extra Heavy Duty and Stairs [CEHD+S] and achieve the maximum Greenstar Points, Environmentally Certified as Category 4.

The state-of-the-art design and colour process produces high definition patterned tiles with superior colour depth and excellent colourfastness properties. Plus fine gauge, high density fibre is incredibly strong and resilient yet features a unique velvet texture.

The coloured parallel and cris-cross lines on varying black and grey bases create shadowy depth and strong visual appeal throughout the ten colours in the Circuit range, with each colour continuing the Circuit theme. Choose from Digital, File, Input, Download, Hardware, Internet, Online, System, Cyber and Network.

Not just for the education sector, Circuit provides architects, builders and interior designers excellent colour options for offices, hospitality and corridors plus a broad range of other applications in the commercial market.

Available with EnviroBac® and Envirobac Plus® – cushionbac™, Titanium Collection carpet tiles are a cost efficient alternative for small, medium and large scale commercial installations.

Circuit commercial carpet tiles in the Titanium Collection are available in standard 500mm x 500 mm size, 500mm x 1000mm planks and 250mm x 1000mm skinny planks.

Godfrey Hirst