Project Team

design: Shigemasa Noi and Mr Naoya Matsumoto


furnishing: Accupunto

Seminyak’s One Eleven is a discreet and private sanctuary that boasts nine 350sqm villas, each with a spacious 14 meter long swimming pool and a 35sqm spa gazebo on a sprawling 5000sqm property. Euro Building Asia’s newest high living resort concept fuses the group’s signature offering with an ’in-villa’ and ‘resort experience’.

Secluded by a vertical garden of a million pots of flora, this sprawling 5000 square metre property is an exercise in understated luxury, a Japanese sleek, modern minimalist design pervades throughout with the use of natural wood and stone, while floor-to-ceiling glass walls of the bedroom and bathroom welcome nature in, creating a relaxing environment to unwind and rejuvenate for individuals and couples.

The architects and interior designers behind One Eleven were Interior Architect Shigemasa- noi and Mr Naoya Matsumoto. Both architects are known for their ability to convey simplicity.

One Eleven’s minimalist approach with a Japanese feel is strongly present in the villas and public areas providing a generous space with a simple but imaginative landscaping.

Merging the value of empty spaces and the quality and respect of the elements, One Eleven brings together the exterior and interior by removing all unnecessary walls and replacing this with floor-to ceiling glass in the bedroom and bathroom. Also respecting the purity of the interior, strategically placed lighting, furnishing designed by Accupunto (with its Red Dot design award winning acupressure collection that molds onto the curves of on)e and a state-of-the art audio sound system are kept to the minimum but serves its purpose in providing understated luxury.

One Eleven’s Shiro Sushi / Sake Bar was designed by Shigemasa Noi, who was appointed to ensure that a true Sushi Bar was created. This resulted in a wondrously intricate design of woodwork throughout, creating a truly authentic design that allows the guest to feel welcome when dining amidst the warmth of natural wood. To execute this work of art, hand-picked Balinese craftsmen were required to work from a colour-coded plan to assure that each wooden block was accurately placed. This was extremely critical as once a mistake was made, it was irreversible. It was vital to get it right the first time. To complete Shiro, lighting architects from Japan were flown in to ensure that the right ambience was created.

Shigemasa Noi, who is showcasing his fine talent of aesthetics for the first time in 35 years outside of Japan, quoted “ All my designs are inspired to tell a story or to share my culture and the Japanese way of life. For Shiro, it was my opportunity to share the ultimate experience to “eat with one’s eyes,” before physically. The art of eating should not stop at only the taste, it is also about the chef’s mastery of his craft, the right way to enjoy this delicate taste and the space.”

Following this philosophy, his inspiration of arranging the teak blocks was to create the natural feeling of a raw material that conveys the taste of what Japanese cuisine is about, resulting in a simple composition with the calm feeling of unification. He also said “With every project, it is a different feeling, having my work in Bali has truly been a synergistic experience. I am very pleased with the way it has turned out and I am very thankful for this opportunity.”