Big Screen Video for your space

Increasingly we’re hearing the word activation pop up in our line of work. Clients need to bring vibrancy, energy or an interactive element to a space.

It could be a lobby area, the exterior of a building, a pub beer garden and the list goes on.

Often we talk about LED in regards to signage or video screens, but there are many more unique opportunities to utilise LED.

With so much flexibility in shape and size you can bring a space to life with LED. Here are a few examples of clients we’ve seen do some pretty exciting things!

One Central Park in Sydney

This project utilises LEDs modular design to break up the panels. One Central Park use this activation for interactive and social activations. Our personal favourite was this Santified activation – take a selfie and become sanctified on the digital wall!

Channel 7

Channel 7 took a unique approach to activating the exterior of their building. Rather than opting for a traditional signage option they applied a graphic screen with a ticker. This provides them with the opportunity to advertise television shows with a running news feed.

The Alma

Many late night venues are investing in indoor LED products to activate spaces around DJ booths and add vibrancy to a space. This is a great way to get the dance floor going!

Big Screen Video