Edison Light Globes at Treecycle 2016

Edison Light Globes were pleased to recently assist artist Melissa Allen with her piece for the Treecycle 2016 exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Melissa created pendants using our bronze lampholders with their teardrop LED globes.

If anything can mitigate the pity of a fallen tree, it’s seeing the wood transformed into a stunning artwork. That has been realised in Treecycle 2016, an exhibition being hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens and featuring 45 hand-picked artisan woodworkers.

The idea was conceived by curator Ginny Sadubin three years ago, when she was giving a guided tour through the gardens and noticed a cedar tree being trimmed. She and her husband, Leon – a furniture maker – had previously held an exhibition of pieces made from recycled tree remnants. Ginny spoke with the senior arborist at the Gardens about doing something similar.

So began three years of planning and preparation. The wood needed to be cut and seasoned then distributed to the artists to make their pieces. There was no brief other than they could only use wood that had come from the Gardens. The wood – from 22 tree species – included types that would not normally be used in woodwork.

“The wood kind of dictates what you need to do with it,” explained Ginny, whose husband carved a beautiful platter from a section of casuarina. “Leon picked up a big chunk and looked at it and it kind of spoke to him…”

Edison Light Globes