Ism Objects at 8bit 360

8bit 360, located on Little Collins Street, is the third and largest outlet of the Melbourne-based burger brand. Inspired by American diners, old-school video games and the local fish ‘n’ shop, 8bit 360 is a contemporary throwback to the colourful 1980s, and our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lights are adding to the nostalgic fun.

The first 8bit started as an ode to the fish ‘n’ chip shop with arcade machines in the corner. The classic games still remain but the outlets have become streamlined and slicker with time. For 8bit 360, Architects EAT created a playful and interactive space with bold primary colours, pixelated patterns and Nintendo-inspired wall graphics.

Architects EAT created pockets of intrigue and surprise as they played with colour and materiality. Tiles, like pixels, cover countertops; stools and booths are in blue powder-coated steel; and green and yellow acrylic tubes hover over high tables. Timber elements keep the space warm and inviting, and include the timber-batten world map suspended from the bright yellow ceiling; timber panels surrounding the menu; and a timber batten screen with the logo carved it.

Studio IO designed the original branding and established the red, yellow, dark blue and aqua colour palette, which the studio describes as “a nostalgic, quirky and instantly recognisable homage to good old-fashioned gaming.” Indeed, it’s nostalgia for the late-20s, early-30s demographic that form the target market.

Our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lamps in marine were the perfect choice for the colour palette, and complement the simple, pared-back forms throughout the space. Wink table lamps are perched on the counter around the windows. Inspired by candle lamps of yesteryear, they have a spherical bulb, dish base and optional metallic reflector for more control of the glowing LED lamp.

HD3 has a similar form with a wall attachment. Fixed at alternating heights, the uplights cast patterns of light and shadow across the wall, adding another dimension to the gaming-inspired graphics. Each light has a 6W LED spherical frost lamps, a good choice for hospitality due to their long life, low energy use and high-quality light output.

Ism Objects