Project Team

design: Cayas Architects
av: BJ’s Sound and Lighting


carpet: Shanhua Carpets
tiles: Complete Tiles and Stone
wallpaper: Baresque
curtains: Castle Trimmings Australia
furniture: Cubus Concept
lighting: Caribou, About Space, Designer Chandelier
timber panels to bar front:  Stackpanel
sanitary fixtures: Caroma, Geberit

The building was an existing structure used as a drive through bottle shop, the proposal had to fit within the existing building envelope.

The design intent was to provide a spacious, open and welcoming space for the Gaming lounge with large extent of glazing providing some natural light into the core of the Gaming lounge. A small Café area was also to be part of the gaming lounge with cakes and coffee available.

Structural, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineers were engaged as well as a Landscape architect.

The work was carefully planned to allow for the old Gaming lounge to remain operational for as long as possible. The gaming machines were relocated from the old Gaming lounge to the new one overnight and the new gaming lounge started trade at the usual time in the next morning.

As the work was within an existing Hotel, it was important to maintain a certain relationship between the old and the new works. Selected materials for the new gaming lounge were already in use in the existing Hotel.

Dark colours were used internally to walls and ceiling, to accentuate the feature such as the large pendant lights, the string curtains and the wallpaper. Carpet is used throughout the gaming lounge providing comfort to the patrons. The external colours in the large smoking area are bright, to indirectly reflect the natural light and create a fresh and welcoming outdoor space, with a green wall to soften the large existing wall.

C069 Jackson Chair

seat/back: choice of fabric
frame: solid timber
chair height: 900mm
seat height: 480mm
chair width: 550mm
chair depth: 610mm
stackable: no
options: yes
environment: indoor
fabric: 1.5m

Cubus Concept

The large outdoor smoking area is certainly the key element to the concept, with generous landscaping to soften the space and the exposed roof structure from the existing drive through building.

As they were dealing with an existing structure, the lighting design was restricted to surface mounted fixtures, large pendants were opted for with the intention of breaking up the large area of uniform ceiling space. The colours selected for the pendants are complementing the palettes of materials and colours used throughout the Gaming lounge.