Project Team

design: Swerve Design
project manager: IBIZ Design & Construct


lighting: Opel Kahn
Feltex, Brintons
fabric: Materialised

Photographer: Alex Donnini

Part café, bar, restaurant and gaming, the Palate Hotel offers a generous spread of alternatives for entertaining in the forgotten stretch between Parramatta and the Inner West.

Casual. Relaxed. Contemporary. Authentic. Quirky. A new twist on the
classic warehouse conversion, this venue is more than a cosmetic
makeover with a splashy menu and a few fancy sauces. The Palate Hotel is the real deal. And a lot of fun.

Feltex Woven – In Situ Illusion

Woven for life. Quality, style and luxury for the life of the carpet. Feltex Woven carpets come in a range of designs and colourways, but when something unique is required, the Feltex team of experienced carpet designers can help. They’ll produce virtually any design and combination of colours that you require.


It’s a real factory. The history and industrial legacy of this former printing factory has been purposefully retained, including it’s silhouettes of cables and lighting past criss-crossing the ceiling.

No scenic artist recreated this as an “effect”. It’s located in a real industrial area, not a It’s really recycled. Absolutely everywhere we could, the décor, finishes, furniture and equipment has been re-purposed from elsewhere. You may spot a whole lot of items from a certain city venue that closed only 2 years into it’s operations.

Practically brand new and beautifully made, the fitout would have been destined for the tip. We rescued, restored, recovered, resized and restyled everything from banquette seats to cool-room doors.

It’s really diferent. An irreverent sense of adventure and discovery dominates. From the cutlerysignage to the hand-laid wall of recycled pallets, everything has a story to tell. It’s like someone leapt into Grandad’s shed, waved a magic wand and all these amazing things came to life. Are the signs really made from actual cutlery? Mickey would be proud.

With all the distractions, you’re not immediately aware that it’s been created from strict core values respecting history, sustainability, industrial edginess and a hand-crafted approach to everything from the bar-top to the drinks. The Palate Hotel takes the best from the current wave of public awareness and shared desire for a more responsible way of living on the planet and makes it entertaining. It packages values and “good value” into a food and drink experience all of its own.

The Palate Hotel has been designed to have its own familiar charm. Like a new favourite jumper worn in, but freshly washed and folded. Friendly feel, comfortable seating, private spaces leading to open entertaining areas. It’s all the things you’d like at home, but amped up with colour and flavour.

It’s been a real collaborative effort. Everybody on the team has been able to put in ideas and develop initial concepts into their own special creation. We’ve got miniature timber pallets to serve the Palate burger. There’s a bar made from recycled pallets and the uniform design is almost too hot to mention.

An anything goes approach has been brought back to earth with a stylish practicality designed for great service, memorable food, signature drinks and unique atmosphere for an experience to remember. The Palate Hotel. Just a little bit different.

Brintons Fringe Plumé

The Fringe collection pushes the boundaries associated with stocked carpet design. The Fringe collection offers specifiers and end users a choice from eight striking broadloom woven Axminster carpets in a sophisticated and on trend colour palette.


The AV system features a BOSE sound system installed by the operator to produce a warm rich sound without intrusive speakers. Multiple screens throughout allow the space to host broadcast events, but visually sit back as to not intrude on the casual dining experience when not required.