Project Team

design: Giant Design


zinc tables & cladding: Contempo Furniture
custom feature lights: Giant Design
general lighting: Opal Lighting
timber ceiling: Havwoods
tiles: Bisanna Tiles

Photography: Andrew Worssam

Over the last few years Giant Design has been incredibly lucky to work with a series of passionate and dedicated, boutique coffee sellers. They have given them the opportunity to create some small, but perfectly formed interiors and allowed them to work with as much attention to detail as they put into their coffee research and production.

Saxon Wright of Pablo & Rusty’s, was no exception. With three sites under his belt prior to coming to Giant Design, for his fourth he really wanted to take the interiors up a level.

Inspired by his enthusiasm and hands-on nature, Giant Design wanted to create a space that would speak of the craftsmanship of coffee roasting and brewing, of the handmade and personal. They wanted to create a vintage, industrial feel for the space, something reminiscent of a small factory or workshop, but were wary of looking like all the other coffee shops doing the same thing. With this in mind they avoided using found objects and furniture, and instead built custom pieces in the finishes of yesteryear, with kooky elements that remain completely contemporary. Giant Design also had a yearning to use zinc and brass and this seemed the perfect project.

The central element to the space is the huge custom-made, communal table; a zinc clad beast with brass inlays and recycled timber legs, it dominates the tiny space and brings in that sense of industrial scale. With limited space for seating, a communal table was the most efficient model, yet the client was aware of its off-putting nature for some customers. Splitting the table into two elements at different heights solved the issue: by creating distinct personal spaces, small groups can ‘own’ the same table.

The result is something Giant Design are really happy with and it’s a real signature piece that they can move forwards.

Another favorite is the cluster of milk crate pendant lights suspended above the communal table. Rather than use actual milk crates Giant Design wanted to give the lights the same attention to detail as the table had been given, and to elevate this iconic yet humble object into something of beauty and value. With a laser cut, zinc skin and brass coloured interior, the crates echo the finishes in the table below. The golden glow given through the vintage milk bottles, and the shadows they cast are a real point of interest in the space.

Despite being an adventurous client, there was initial worry that the polished concrete floors and metal finishes to the tables, counters and shelves would leave the space feeling cold. But with the feature lighting, honey coloured timber ceiling, and exposed brick walls, Giant Design got a warm feel to the space, in spite of all the hard surfaces.

The overall result is one that looks both contemporary and yet has a sense of history, of always having existed. It has appeal for both old and young alike, and despite being tiny, it makes a big statement for the client and the brand.

Contempo Furniture made the tables with reclaimed blackbutt timber legs with zinc tops and aged brass inlays, the lighting with reclaimed blackbutt timber; aged zinc, raw steel and vintage milkbottles. The POS barfront and top is made from aged zinc top with aged brass fascia, the shelving with aged blackened zinc with a matt seal.