RUSH MH5 for Intercontinental Ballroom

Adelaide’s Intercontinental Ballroom has installed forty Martin RUSH MH5 LED Profiles utilizing them for pin-spotting tables. With its’ super compact housing the RUSH MH5 is perfect for this installation which required a fixture with a small footprint and low weight.

“Putting an automated system in allows us so much more flexibility,” said Tim Bormann, technical director and head of lighting for Staging Connections South Australia & Northern Territory. “If tables are moved last minute, we can now quickly adjust the lighting to suit.”

The Intercontinental Ballroom has a bulkhead arrangement in the ceiling which allows the fixtures to usually be directly above the tables, somewhat concealed.

“The RUSH MH5 have performed extremely well and the client’s love them,” added Tim. “They love the fact that you can get unique looks such as gobos on a table, the ability to highlight tables for winners and the colour choice.”

The RUSH MH5’s efficient optics punches out a variety of effects and colours. With two colour wheels, two gobo wheels and rotating prism the MH 5 Profile offers full effect.

“As they have an LED light they are bright enough to highlight the tables but not too bright that they’re distracting,” commented Tim. “We had been worried about that forty fixtures with fans going would be quite noisy but we’ve found it’s quite quiet.”

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