Cafeideas at Concept Burger

When is a burger not ‘just’ a burger? For Sergio Spagnuoli and his partner Coco Liang, it’s when it is carefully constructed to be a complex yet mind-blowing taste sensation that takes you to different regions of the world. Short of needing a passport to taste them, lucky Wolli Creek locals call Concept Burger their neighbour and have embraced its exquisite menu with gusto. Attention to detail is the hallmark of the brand whose menu was expertly developed with the help of renowned Sydney Chef, now Chef Consultant, Tomislav Martinovic. Sergio explained that Cafeideas was another vital element in the detail-oriented process of bringing Concept Burger to life.

The challenge

Meticulous in everything he does, Sergio was looking for a supplier that could deliver on price, quality, product knowledge and customer service.

What problems had you experienced?

When he began his online search for café equipment, Sergio initially encountered a couple of other suppliers who let him down from their earliest interactions. “I had one supplier send me a quote and when I told them it was too high for my budget, they sent another quote. Unfortunately, this quote was even higher than the first one!” he laughs. “I didn’t bother getting back in touch but they called me a week later to ask if I was going ahead and when I explained about the higher quote, they did nothing to try and secure my business.”

Conversely, when Sergio found Cafeideas online, he quickly identified that he could procure a great deal of what he was looking for and so gave the showroom a call. “I found that Cafeideas even do furniture which was a great surprise. When I called, I spoke with Vibha right from the start and she has been extremely helpful, always ready to help wherever she can. Other companies have not responded to emails and some haven’t even answered the phone! Cafeideas is a highly professional operation and I never doubted they would follow through on their promises.”

How Cafeideas helped

Sergio was impressed with the fact he could use the one supplier for so many of his requirements. “It’s so much easier to shop for multiple categories from the same shop,” he says. “Then you only have to deal with fewer deliveries, transactions, payments and so on and with Cafeideas, you always speak with the same person.”

Quality was another big factor in selecting Cafeideas. “We have gone to a great deal of effort and expense to make sure everything is perfect at Concept Burger. We need to deal with suppliers who understand this and who work with us in making sure everything matches, looks great and performs as it should. I always got the feeling that if we would not be happy with something, neither would Cafeideas and that’s how it should be in business.”

Additionally, Cafeideas invited Sergio to product demonstrations and he gladly went along. “They had a rep in store doing an informative talk and some training on some of the equipment. I found this really helpful and I appreciate that they make this service available.”

Follow-up, communication and problem management

One delivery of lamps arrived in incorrect colours and Vibha was quick to arrange a re-delivery of the correct items the same day. “No one passes the buck at Cafeideas. They just get it done,” Sergio explains.

Recommending Cafeideas

“There is no doubt I would recommend Cafeideas to others,” Sergio says. “They made everything really easy for us and their online presence has to be one of the stronger ones. I did look around quite a bit and of all the quotes I received, Cafeideas was always the one able to give me the best price. In fact, customer service and price have been the major difference.”